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Organic search engine traffic is arguably the most valuable form of website traffic out there as it is both high quality and free after you have taken the right steps. However, unsurprisingly it is getting harder and harder to rank for the most lucrative keywords out there with producing top quality content no longer being an important factor to gain domain authority for your website. In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about domain authority and backlinks and thus why Backlinkboss is the best quality backlink provider out there.

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a metric used in ranking websites for all searched for keywords that was originally invented by Google and is now used by all modern search engines such as Bing,, Baidu and Duckduckgo although the algorithms used for indexing and ranking the content does vary between all the search engines to a certain extent.

The more domain authority that you have the higher on average your webite and its various pages will rank on all the different search terms and the more traffic your site will receive. But building domain authority is easier said then done, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication but of course you can speed up the process if you decide to spend money for various services.

How Can Domain Authority Be Measured?

No search engines reveal the exact algorithms used for building domain authority but instead the factors are figured out by trial and error by SEO (search engine optimization) experts who know how to make the most of your website and rank it higher in the search engine’s results.


However, there is one platform called Moz ( which tracks a bunch of metrics that are incorporated in its very own domain authority like algorithm that can be used by any website owner around the world to be able to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their website’s SEO as well as compare their site to those of their competitors. Therefore using the Moz platform and having a bunch of high Moz metrics is something all website owner’s should be striving for.

Factors That Boost Your Website’s Domain Authority

  • A Domain name that has been registered for a long amount of time.
  • Having a website that loads fast.
  • A website that is regularly updated.
  • High retention rates on your website meaning when visitors go on your website they stay for a long amount of time or at least longer than the other websites you are competing to rank for those competitive and very profitable keywords.
  • Evidence shows however that the most effective way is to built high quality backlinks which we go into further detail about below.

What Are Backlinks and How to Build Them Effectively?

Backlinks are the most important metric that search engines all around the world use to find the highest quality for all kinds of niche content and present it to the individuals searching for those particular keywords or phrases. The logic behind backlinks is that if you are creating consistent quality content, then other website owners will start to post links on their website to your content which in turn over time will increase your domain authority.


After all search engines are not curated by human beings but instead by computer bots that follow pre-programmed algorithms so you may be writing content that is ten times better than that of your competitors but if your website is not optimized correctly for the search engine bots to find your content then you are just wasting your time.

Things You Need to Know in Order to Build Backlinks Effectively

  • Not all backlinks are equal, for example a backlink from a website with more domain authority will be worth more than from a website with not a lot of domain authority. Getting backlinks from very reputable websites can be very difficult if you have no experience and your site is fairly brand new.
  • You will see much better results if you get backlinks from websites in your niche, for example if you run a gardening blog then the backlinks from other gardening sites will be worth more than from the sports blog sites for example.
  • Although quality matters, you also need backlinks from a large number of sites. One thousands backlinks from different websites will be worth more than one thousand backlinks from one website.

Why You Should Use Backlinkboss to Increase Your Domain Authority

Backlinkboss is one of the best known and most popular backlink building companies out there with over a decade of experience and a team of 8 professionals this is a serious business that you can expect real results from.


The company offers all kinds of effective strategies for all budgets, due to the companies years of experience they can provide your website with high quality non-spam links at low prices. Your time is super valuable so rather than wasting it contacting hundreds of website owners on the web, instead you can leave it to the professionals to get it done.

Some of the Services That the Company Offers Includes

  • High PR profile backlinks that allow your site to get high quality backlinks from some of the worlds most popular and authoritive sites in nearly every profitable niche that you can think of. These kind of backlinks will skyrocket your already high Moz metrics allowing you to overtake your competitors in multiple keyword rankings.
  • Backlinks from wikis, education sites, from Google Maps giving you hard to get links to your site without having to risk your site getting reported for spam.
  • Tried and tested basic and advanced link building strategies that provide non-spam links and a guaranteed boost to your website’s domain authority.
  • Other key services are also offered such as a keyword analysis of your entire website at super competitive prices as well as SEO content writing that will help create high quality pages for your own website to rank and also guest posts that can be used to get amazing backlinks from other sites.

Buying backlinks from Backlinkboss is the best way out there to increase your domain authority and that is a fact. So what are you waiting for? Backlinkboss is trusted by hundreds of clients around the world to provide them with that extra step to take their website to the next level and allow them to fulfill their goals whether that might be to get more traffic, make a passive income on the side or even allow them to quit their 9 to 5 job.

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