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Why Backlink Is So Important In SEO?

Almost every blog or website owner wants to improve its rank on search engine result pages. In order to get a rank among the first 10 on the first page of SERPs of certain search engines like Google etc. one has to use various SEO strategies. Building backlinks is one of the strategies used by SEO professionals for this purpose. Before discussing the importance of backlinks in SEO you must know what a backlink and SEO are?

What are backlinks?

A link that connects the traffic on some other websites to your website is known as a backlink. For a few years, backlinks are considered as an important factor that can help in improving the rank of a website on SERPs. But their importance has been reduced to some extent after Google has updated some of its algorithms like Penguin etc. Still, the importance of backlinks cannot be ignored. In order to get the best results, you must have high quality and low spam backlinks posted on relevant websites.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that can help in improving the online visibility of a webpage or website on the free, organic, and natural result pages of a search engine. The rank on SERPs can be influenced and higher traffic can be received on your website by using a number of SEO strategies including nice content, relevant keywords, niche anchor text, meta tags, and backlinks, etc. Thus, backlinks are one of the important SEO strategies used for improving the rank of a website on SERPs.

Importance of relevant backlinks in SEO

Help in finding your page on SERPs: Finding a webpage or website through search engines is just like finding a city on a map. As it is not easy to find a small city on a map similarly finding a website on search engine result pages cannot be easy unless the website owner has posted its Google friendly backlinks with some reputed and relevant websites. It will help the website owner to get a large amount of traffic from other websites.

Improve the reputation of your website: The algorithms used by Google and other search engines can help in managing the reputation and rank of a website on search engine result pages by using certain tools. Quality backlinks are among the tools used by search engines for assessing the reputation of a website. If the quality of backlinks is really high then they can transfer a large amount of traffic from the websites on which backlinks have been posted.


Improve the credibility of your site: If the backlinks created by you are relevant and high in quality then they can improve the credibility of your website as it will be placed by the search engines in the top ranks on SERPs. You should post guest post links on relevant websites so that people visiting that website can contact you easily.

How to get relevant backlinks

In order to get relevant backlinks for your website, you must contact a reputable SEO and backlink service provider like They can provide you Google friendly and high quality backlinks according to the niche of your business.

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