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How to reduce spam score of the website?

Although links have many positive effects on websites and SEO, you have to be careful to avoid having spam. A few spam links usually go unnoticed and may not be a cause for worry but if they become too much, you will have problems which include being penalized by search engines. This is part of the reason why the question “what is spam score?” is common among many business owners.

To understand what spam score is, you need to know how to track the number of spams being linked to your website. The technique of doing that is what is called a spam score. The tool is a product that is a software company known as Moz and can be used to determine the level of scores you have. Spam score works by identifying subdomains that have red flags. Every spam flag found is added to the subdomain and given a score. The screw ranges from 0 to 17 so if your links have a higher number you’ll know you need to rectify that situation.

Reducing spam score

The best way to reduce the spam score is to use high-quality links only. If the backlinks you’re using are of low quality, they’ll be tagged as spammed links. Make sure the links you’re using are from different domains. If you use links that share the same server address, they’ll automatically be identified as low-quality links. The number of links you use daily also matters. Avoid posting several links within a short period. You can set up intervals that allow you to link regularly without crowding your website.

The number of links should not be too low either especially if you are considered a large site. If your website has been around for a while with regular blog posts then it can be considered a large site. If such a website only has a few external links then it will be considered spam. The spam score algorithm will assume that the content quality of the site is very low and that is why no other sites want to accept its link. Make sure you only post high-quality content and remember to ask other websites in your niche to link. Using high-quality backlinks is sometimes not enough. You should also be careful not to have too many branded links. Avoid having too many links that have your site’s names on them. You should also make sure that your text outweighs the HTML on the website.

The website pages of the links can also help you reduce the spam score. Make sure the pages are not lacking important information such as contact information. Lack of such information shows that the website doesn’t have a valid owner and is therefore fake. The domain name used in the website should also sound real. You should not add numbers to the domain name of the website providing the link. The algorithms used in the spam score tool can detect and label them and sites that cannot be trusted. This will lead to automatic labeling as a spam link. Pay attention to the length of the domain as well. If it’s too long it will be seen as spam.

Best solution

Keeping a low spam score is a lot of work that can divert your attention from other aspects of your business. The best solution is therefore to higher a qualified company that has the capacity and the ability to provide you with such services. Backlinkboss is the best company to partner with. They have the experience and expertise required to give your website the SEO ranking. You can buy a link from Backlinkboss to avoid all the problems associated with spammy links. They will give you the backlinks that have different domain names and high-quality content relevant to your niche. This company is the best choice to avoid getting a spam link. Working with them will ensure you get the best services and products that will put you among the top websites.


Using a spam score is just one of the ways to keep your website from the top. If combined with other techniques you’ll be able to maintain the higher ranking and make more sales. A company dedicated to helping you achieve that is the best company to work with. You can trust them to lead you in the right direction and do everything within their power to avoid falling. Backlinkboss is such a company and is the best to talk to about backlinking.


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