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Why Use PBN Blog Post Backlinks?

There is stiff competition in the market to stay ahead in the organic search rankings and companies and organizations are leaving no stone unturned in getting on the top of all search results. But those are huge companies and organizations that have the capital and the funding to pay for SEO optimizations to enhance the outreach of their sites and stay on top.

But what do you do if you are a private blog owner and want your blogs to be on top too? Obviously, you would not like to invest too much in your SEO efforts. So what do you do? Is there a cheaper option out? PBN Blog Post Backlinks are an easy way to get the desired results you need when it comes to enhancing your outreach and being on top with the results.

What is a PBN Backlink?

PBN stands for a Private blog network which is a network of domains and websites that are usually owned by one person. These domains or websites may even consist of free blog sites such as, or Apart from that, the owner of the network might purchase domains and websites that had good useful content in them but had expired. That’s because expired domains tend to have high authority and using domains with some level of authority means they are automatically high in search rankings. The PBN owner can build his network with these pages and make changes to suit his needs.

So that means when you have a collection of good domains and websites you can post your content on the websites and provide them with backlinks to your money site to get some traffic and earn some money. There sure are other ways of getting good traffic to the sites. Then why PBN Backlinks are preferred. Let’s figure out the reasons.


Why PBN Backlinks are Preferred?

Though PBN Backlinks may not be the natural way of increasing your organic search engine rankings they are still very popular among bloggers and PBN owners. Listed below are the reasons:

1. Complete control over the features

With PBN backlinks you have the freedom and the discretion to build and place backlinks wherever and whenever you like. It is you who would decide how the traffic will flow. It provides you the convenience of adding that niche relevance to your posts.

For instance, you may publish content on your site with some links to the money sites by placing anchor texts. Alternatively, you can also inter-link two sites so that the traffic flows to and fro your money sites.

2. The links are guaranteed and built superfast

When you build backlinks with PBN, you are eliminating a hell lot of unnecessary processes and intermediaries in between.

When you build a normal backlink using the usual tactics you need to meet some prerequisites which include creating great content, finding an audience for your content and then disseminating the content and following up as well. A tiring process indeed!! And on top of that, you are at risk of not getting your backlink on your site or content published at all, since you have no control over it.

But with PBN, it is a guarantee that your efforts do not go in vain. All your PBN links will be published for sure and will be published where you have specified. As such the entire link building process is sure shot and superfast.

3. Immediate search ranking results

We mentioned earlier that PBN domains are made up of expired domains with some level of domain authority already for these sites. This means that your backlinks and keywords will already several ranks higher than anyone building backlinks with new domains.

Search engines usually consider backlinks as an online recommendation. Moreover, it’s never about the quantity of the backlinks but what matters is the quality. Since PBN’s are authoritative as per relevant metrics and statistics, PBN Backlinks are great influencers in pushing the site ranks up faster.

With all these reasons and obvious benefits of using PBN Backlinks, it is quite obvious that you would be tempted to start building one right away. But it is barely legal to build PBN backlinks yourself as Search Engines deem it to be unnatural ways of raking up the ranks. Let’s find out more about this.

Why PBN backlinks aren’t a DIY Thing?

While everything that we talked about means that PBN backlinks are the best option, it is highly that you refrain from building any from Private Blog Networks and you must not do it yourself. That’s because it is an unnatural way of augmenting and enhancing your traffic and ranks. If Google finds you using any of these PBN backlinks, you will be penalized and your website may be banned from appearing in any search result. That’s like permanently losing an eye in an attempt to try and improve vision.

Where to Buy?

So if you can’t do it yourself what shall you do? It would be better to buy these backlinks from some owners of the PBN or in fact, some companies are selling these links the black hat way legally. So you can certainly buy these PBN backlinks from these organizations which specialize in creating quality backlinks.

One such place from where you can buy would be They are experts in creating high-quality backlinks from a set of sites and domains trusted and approved by Google. There PBN features a high DA and provides you with handwritten content that suits your requirements. The nice TF (Trust Flow) starting from 20+ and the availability of different ips and index makes it the best place to buy backlinks from. And all of that at extremely affordable prices.

Final Words

In conclusion, it is fair to say that if you wish to get on top of the search engine rankings, doing it the black hat way using the PBN Backlinks is certainly the best way of doing it. But in doing so make sure you rely on the experts for best results.

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