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Are PBN Backlinks Worth It In 2019?

By October 10, 2019March 3rd, 2023No Comments

Boosting a website’s SEO ranking can be a time consuming and daunting task, especially if there’s a large, reputable competition already established. PBN’s have been all the rage among those looking for a quicker alternative in bringing their website to the top of Google’s search results. Even though their popularity has significantly reduced in the last couple of years, PBN’s remain one of the most efficient ways for SEO optimization even today – if they are executed correctly, that is.

What Is a PBN Link?
PBN stands for Private Blog Network, which is essentially a collection of many different domains that each contain a backlink to a single primary website. Since that website is linked to from many different reputable sources, it’s logical that Google deems it high quality and makes it rank higher up. As expected, your domain choices play a key factor here and are going to determine how big of a ROI you’re going to get.

Since Google needs some proof that the primary website is trustworthy, PBN’s use expired domain names that have already established so-called domain authority. Simply put, the power of a specific domain is mostly determined by two factors: amount of referring websites and the amount of backlinks. The higher the number, the better. If your domain of choice has 50+ unique referring websites, it’s easy to see how greatly it would benefit the primary website which you’ll backlink to.

However, it’s not all that black and white. If your domain has 1000 different referring websites but all of them are spam, it’s essentially worthless and is most probably going to get blacklisted by Google. It’s always important to check for what purposes it was used beforehand. Anchor links should be in natural places and the domain shouldn’t have been used for a different PBN in the past. If anything looks fishy and doesn’t seem to make whole lot of sense, it’s better to steer clear and search for an alternative, better domain.

Are PBN Backlinks Worth It In 2019?

Why PBN Backlinks Work

– Full Control

As a PBN owner, you have complete control over the type of content that is published on all the different domains. You can modify it to fit to your specific niche and insert backlinks at spots where they will naturally flow with the rest of the content. This way, the owner itself can ensure that the website will raise some sort of interest in the visitors so that they will eventually click on the backlink. This will no doubt boost searching results of both your primary website and the secondary domain.Buy pbn blog post backlinks always a key in SEO , and it call black-hat SEO

– Huge Ranking Power

If a proper domain is chosen, the amount of authority it’s going to bring is unrivaled by any other SEO method. It’s all about the quality of the backlink’s source. Expired domains have already been used previously, and it’s the matter of how much reputation it managed to acquire in that amount of time. The results of PBN’s are immediate, since your primary website receives links from a reputable, established source. Additionally, expired domains are usually pretty cheap, so it’s only a matter of persistent searching.Ask your link building consultant before you start your strategy

Relationship with Google

There’s been a lot of rumors about websites receiving penalties due to their use of PBN backlinks, which partly caused its reduction in popularity. On the contrary, PBN’s are actually Google friendly when used in the right manner. Many people expect a large number of domains to get them rich quickly without a lot of effort. However, this produces a counter-effect, since the quality of the content on those websites is very poor. Google gets suspicious and, naturally, blacklists both the domains and the website to clear up its search results.

Inactive websites with low quality content that has backlinks slapped all over it is not a solution. It’s best to have a couple of regularly updated domains that actually make an effort to attract a wider audience. Not only is this going to bring better results, but also help you avoid any trouble with Google’s system. As with any other SEO method, PBN backlinks need commitment to be successful. And if you want to find adorable backlinks, get backlinks cheap at our website , to save time and money


To answer the question – yes, PBN backlinks are very well worth it in 2019. Still, don’t expect to just sit back and watch the money pour in. The harsh truth is that it’s going to need some upkeep to be successful. However, one thing’s for certain – if you put in the effort to develop a proper strategy and keep up with it, the results are going to make it worth your while.
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