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Backlinks Packages for SEO


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50 WEB 2.0 Blog Posts
20 WEB 2.0 Backlinks
20 HighPowered WEB 2.0 Blogs (High DA/PA)
6 Posts on Private Sites (TF URL 20-30 Or TF Root 14-25,DA/PA 10-20)
55 WEB 2.0 Blog Posts
20 WEB 2.0 Backlinks
15 HighPowered WEB 2.0 Blogs (High DA/PA)
10 Posts on Private Sites (TF URL 20-30 Or TF Root 14-25,DA/PA 10-20)
80 WEB 2.0 Blog Posts
70 WEB 2.0 Backlinks
70 HighPowered WEB 2.0 Blogs (High DA/PA)
10 Posts on Private Sites (TF URL 30-40 Or TF Root 19-25,DA/PA 10-20)

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What are backlinks?

A link that connects the traffic on some other websites to your website is known as a backlink. For a few years, backlinks are considered as an important factor that can help in improving the rank of a website. But their importance has been reduced to some extent after Google has updated some of its algorithms like Penguin etc. Still, the importance of backlinks cannot be ignored. In order to get the best results, you must have high quality and low spam backlinks posted on relevant websites.


Why backlinks are important?

Backlinks, the amount you have, and where you have them from, is one of the most critical and important steps in SEO.Help in finding your page on SERPs: Finding a webpage or website through search engines is just like finding a city on a map. As it is not easy to find a small city on a map similarly finding a website on search engine result pages cannot be easy unless the website owner has posted its Google friendly backlinks with some reputed and relevant websites. It will help the website owner to get a large amount of traffic from other websites.

How to Get Backlinks for Your Website?

1 .Publish Content that’s Useful for Others

When you publish a blog or an article on your website that interests other websites or blog writers, they’ll either refer to it or republish it. Include a link in the body of your article; a link that leads to your products/services. When others choose to republish your content on their sites, this link also gets posted there. This way, you’ve created a backlink to your website, without the referrer even realizing it!

You can generate tremendous number of backlinks using this method, provided that you publish useful content. An important point to note is that, if your article can’t be located; so, posting articles on article directories has a very low success rate. The intense competition on such directories, further depletes your chances of getting hits. Besides, not many people go to any article directories in search of information.

In such a scenario, the best option is to post your articles on sites, that aren’t directories, but still publish content. Sites like “Help Is Here” provide users with help articles; there are some resource and reference sites too. You can get your articles published on these sites. When a user searches for some information, which matches your site, such sites can be if great help.

2. Guest Posts and Comments on Online Forums

Become members of online forums and offer useful comments. Add your website’s link as part of your comments under your signature. When someone reads your remarks and likes them, he/she may want to visit your page for more. Few forums also let you post some contents relating to their theme; you can use this opportunity to include a link to your site.

The important point is that, if your content or remarks aren’t useful or pertinent, the owner of the forum might delete them. So, make sure that you’re not spamming and post only relevant and interesting remarks/content.

3. Blog to Website Linking

You can create your website’s link on your blog; if you don’t already have a blog, it’s a good idea to start one. Create a blog with a subdomain of your website or open an account with any free blogging sites. Blogger, WordPress and Livejournal are some of the most popular websites, which can be used.

Here again, the relevance and usefulness of the content is of utmost importance for the success of backlinking. Write valuable posts that are helpful for people and remember to put more content regularly.

4. Website Directories

You can generate good quality backlinks using services of website directories. However, before submitting your content to a directory, you must check its validity and status. Some website directories have been identified as only link farms and have been banned by Google.

5. Similar Sites

Locate sites that publish content, which is similar to what you do. Send requests to the owners of these sites to place links to your website in their content. Firstly, you must be polite and humble in your request. Secondly, you’ll have to convince the owners by letting them know of the likely benefits that they’ll accrue by posting your links.

You could offer them to post their links on your website. This arrangement, sometimes referred to as ‘trading links’ works with most sites. However, you’ve to have a substantial readership or viewership for your site before you can make such an offer.

What’s Link Diversification?

Diversification literally means to invest your resources in a wide range of assets. In terms of SEO links, it entails that you’ve placed your backlinks with different sources. So, there are different web resources that point towards your site. This seems absolutely normal to any algorithm, which is looking for telltale signs for SEO. Thus your links as well as your website remain protected from the internet watchdogs.

Web2.0 links can also be purchased for directing traffic to your moneymaking site. You should follow this strategy, if you’re looking to get direct links to your online store. Such sites are hold high reputation and are thus almost immune to Google and other search engine scrutiny. Therefore, you can generate a large volume of business from them without any fear of penalization.

Should You Buy Backlinks Package For SEO?

As you may already know, a backlink to a particular web resource (referrant) is a link from another webpage (referrer). The obvious benefit of the backlink is that it gives a direct passage for a client to reach your resource. A hidden and bigger application is its use in evaluation and ranking of websites by search engines such as Google.

Therefore, a backlink has the potential to increase the traffic to your website and in turn boost your business. It also has a direct impact on your website’s ranking in search engines, which can also be a deciding factor for your earnings

Get the Best Backlinks for SEO Now

Backlinks are like the blood vessels that feed your website with the essential business opportunities. They play a very crucial role in search engine optimization and are important for the overall development of your business. You can multiply your profits with the help of efficient backlinking services.

Quality of backlinks is more important than the quantity and you need to be wary of fraudulent sites that offer large number of links at dirtcheap rates. Such services can even harm your website’s reputation and business in the long run. This is because the search engines have their own inbuilt mechanisms to identify spam links and sites. You must therefore invest only in high quality links, the quantity of backlinks will automatically build gradually.

However, it’s not an easy task to find good quality backlinks at affordable prices. This requires a lot of time and effort to analyse the data collected from the internet. This is where, we come to your aid by offering you excellent backlinks at very competitive prices. We carry out the complete analysis for you and offer you best prices for useful and authentic links..

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