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Press Release Distribution


+ Distribution on Fox & USA Today affiliates, Digital Journal, SNN, NCN & 380+ Sites



BASIC + Distribution on Benzinga


What is press release distribution?

Press release distribution, it’s the process of circulating or seeding out your press release to journalists, publishers, and members of the press.
A press release helps companies get publicity and potentially reach very large audiences

The purpose of distributing a press release is to land coverage in media publications, such as newspapers, radio, TV news,… That way, you’re positioning your brand in front of a wider audience.



Benefits of Using a Press Release Distribution Service

-Appear to major media outlets and social media platforms
-Press releases can boost your SEO
-Enhanced brand recognition
-Boosted brand’s reputation
-Engage more social media users

When Is an Ideal Time to Use a Press Release?

-Grand Openings
Company Rebranding
-Product or Service Updates
-Business Mergers or New Partnerships

Should You Use Press Release Distribution?

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