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Link Foundation

100% WhiteHat Service – Great For Brand New Sites – 230+ Links.

Basic Foundation pack

Basic – 230+ Handmade Links
$ 75

  • 200-230 High quality handmade links with diverse anchors and massive IP diversity.
  • 21 days delivery

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Extended Foundation

Advanced – 330+ Handmade Links
$ 115

  • Upto 300 High quality handmade links all from unique platforms and some of the most popular websites in the planet.
  • 21 days delivery

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Extended Foundation With Premium Press Release Campaign

$ 150

  • Upto 300 High quality handmade links all from unique platforms coupled with a premium press release campaign which includes PR and syndication across 200 news outlets, tv channels and radio stations
  • 21 days delivery

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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied within 30 days of purchase, you’re more than welcome to a full refund!

The Link Foundation

Links that every website badly needs to have

If you’re trying to get stable rankings for your own sites or client sites, then this package is your perfect choice!

Whether you’ve just launched your brand new site or if you’re trying to add more authority to any existing sites, then the Link Foundation package is going to be your best friend.

This package comes with tons of link juice from sources you never knew they existed.

What exactly is Link Foundation?

The Link Foundation is a super powerful multi-faceted link building service that will get your sites with high quality links from diverse sources. When we say “diverse sources”, we really mean it.

Why Link Foundation?

This package aims to supply your sites with tons of link juice, tons of anchor, IP and platform diversity and great results. If you think getting a bunch of spam posts with GSA SER is “diversity”, you need to really rethink your SE0 strategy.

Who can Use This?

Very Detailed Reports

Brand new sites

These are some of the perfect links you can send to a brand new domain, even If It’s one day old. These are links which all big brands have and why not have it for your next big project?

Most Affordable Prices On The SEO Market

Authority Sites

If you have an authority site and would like to get your anchor profiles in good shape, you can use this by all means. Your new links are going to further up the authority and rankings.

Foreign/non-English sites

You can use this package even if your site Is not in English. You may not have many regular link building opportunities, but you can definitely use these links from us.

Frequent Questions

What does your package include?
10-15 Audio Sharing Link

50 Links from CSS Galleries

50 Social and BrandW Links

10-12 Image Sharing Links

30-40 Business Citation Link

12-15 Artist Portfolio Links

30 Links From Doc Sharing Sites

8-10 Links from Presentation Sharing Sites

3-4 Links from University Websites

3-4 Links from Government Websites

2-5 Links from Website Feedback sites

3-5 Links from Website Valuation sites

7-10 Powerful Funnel Pages

2 Links from Top Blo Aggregators
What We Need to Get Started?
1. Your Site URLs (You can provide multiple URLs)

2. Your main anchors (We use LSI, brand & URL variations as will)

3.Your business address only if you have one. If not, we will handle it)
How Does This Work?
1. Submit your details

Take 15 seconds to submit your site URL and corresponding anchors along with any other special notes. That’s it

2. Relax!​

Go ahead, read your favorite book, go hiking or spend time to get more clients your way. Our experienced in-house link building team will be busy building quality links for you!

3. Get Link Reports!

In 14 business days, you will receive the Link Foundation report in your inbox. If you want this to drip feed across a month, we could do that as well.

Do you provide reports?
You will receive detailed reports with all live URLs and login into for each site.
Do you provide drip feed options?
Yes, we do. Just select your specific option within the order form and that’s all you need to do.
Can I use multiple URLs and anchors?
Of course you can. We will use them randomly.
Can you work on foreign sites?
Yes, we can.Learn More About PBN Growth