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How to build a PBN links the right way.

By April 14, 2020No Comments

How many links do you need, one link, two links, five links per PBN article? This article will take you through the right way to privately create blog network backlinks, which may help you in ranking your money sites much faster. Additionally, assist in keeping your PBN sites in good condition and private.

What are the lessons that you will learn?

Building a PBN backlinks the correct way-I will take you through a step by step on strategically locating backlinks in your PBN articles the way one should. Being natural is the leading solution.

The essential factor in building PBN link notes- think and take these as your guidelines or instructions when it comes to PBN backlinks building.

How does one PBN back links the write way? –A step-by-step guide


build linkTo begin with, before getting into creating the backlinks, we need to reaffirm and be transparent on a few things relating to PBN contents. Amazingly, many individuals are still not aware of them.

Avoid revolving around the same content- no more. Do away with it. For PBN to be much effective the way, one will want it to be, just forget about the content generation and content spinners software.

Only high quality- since it’s good that you have decided not to use the spiral content on PBNs, you shouldn’t go with some ineffective information purported to be written by a 13-year-old who has definitely been reading English for weeks. Consequently, one should be able to use high-quality data written by people who know what they are doing, i.e., competent writers or personally by you because you understand the concept well.

Random length-counting word by word is not necessary. It is good to note that this is not 2013 anymore. Personally, do the writing of your article until you are satisfied that your written content is what is required to create the PBN links. However, if I were to guide you on the number of words needed, I would probably say that just 500-2000 words are enough for the start. But again, you should limit your writing sometimes. One can write short or long articles since our focus is on being random and natural-looking content. That’s it. However, being specific on the number will create fall patterns for individuals, and you won’t need any patterns when you privately own a blog network.

Should a PBN site be single-handedly managed?


There should always be a single person to manage a single PBN site (or all sites if manageable). This is because you will need the writing and its order on the PBN article to be understood: contents of the site, blogs published before, and how he or she can connect the new posts with the old posts on your site.

The above four guidelines are the most crucial when creating the network content of a private blog. You should be able to strictly follow them; otherwise, the objective of creating and owning a PBN will not be achieved, especially when you try and ignore rule #1.

In our today’s era of frequent Google refurbishment to the Hummingbird and panda algorithms is more advanced. Hence, one should really avoid poor content on their website. I should not be misinterpreted to mean that Google advancement is ridiculers when referring to its content understanding. However, generally, ensure that the quality is good enough. The cost incurred should be prioritized over high-quality content. As a result, you’ll be outstanding.

These two approaches are guides on locating expired domains if you don’t know where to get them. If on a budget, consider the lessons taught in this article. When earning money, head to the great auctions on the trading sites here; you will find a great domain to purchase.

What is an impressive about-link building?

1. Writing the article having in mind the creation of backlinks.

Henceforth, you or whoever is hired to write the PBN website content will be the references. Send these steps to the hired writer to ensure he or she follows them if you will not be taking part in the PBN content writing. Now onto the step one.

This step is straightforward. Write the content of the article without putting any link yet. However, just keep in mind where they’ll be placed and what they’ll include?

Most of the links to the money site. Links to internal pager or posts. Link to authority websites. Therefore, on writing the contents of the PBN, you should keep in mind the three mentioned links and where they’ll be located. So how many links will you place from each type? This is covered in step 2.

2. Place the backlinks.

The content is already written. Therefore, one should proofread and edit the article by; fix grammar mistakes, reasoning mistakes, punctuation, etc. and insert a backlink on the spot you left for a backlink insertion.

Generally, these are the guidelines needed for your private blog considering the number of backlinks needed.

Money site links-no more than a few which means, 1. domain root links of the money site, and maybe one-2 should lead to inner pages of blog posts and link once to the same URL since one backlink is just useful.

Internal links-remember, it should be single-handedly managing the site single-handedly as noted earlier since the person will know the past blogs and be able to link the articles on PBN. In regards to numbers, most of the pan articles should have the most internal backlinks, like 70-80%. Authority links may require 1-3 backlinks. However, these are general guidelines. The needed backlinks are dependent on the length of the article and its needs. If you need to prove, a point goes for the needed link. Your consideration should be creating a high-quality article that acts as a boost for your money sites, ranking the most in the google search.

3. Respect the anchor texts as well known by many in the can rank almost anything by just making plenty backlinks with the target keyword.

anchor text In the recent era in content creation, it doesn’t apply to Google since the forces are on branding anchors. Therefore the following numbers are highly recommended; exact match-1-3%, synonyms and LSI ANCHORS-3-5%, branding anchors-50%+, general anchors-20%, and naked URLs-20%.

For now, Google ranks individual pages for specific keywords. It does not rank by keyword anchors, pointing at the said words. It does by the keyword contents on the page. When writing the article, awareness of the present keyword research mechanisms and the manner the Hummingbird’s works are needed.

However, if there are some of the writers unaware of these different examples of anchors, refer them to this specific guide. Again, the above are the guidelines, and you actively should know your money sites present backlinks anchors ratio before building the PBN links.

 4. Always Respect the time and spam.

Having covered the significant steps in PBN link building, the following remain, which we cover in this fourth step. The number of links to be built on the same money site and the time frame between should backlink to the same money site.

On the first question, the answer is indefinite since one site should link multiple times to other sites-this is because we are talking from different articles. As said day Rand Fishkin from Moz, “do not build links. Build a relationship.”

Anyway, is it possible to connect plenty of links to the same money site from the different articles? Well, it’s possible. Can it be done in two different consecutive articles, yes, it’s possible? However, it should seem natural. Limit the number of links created from similar PBN even if it gave you a good boost.

Randomize ensuring the backlinks seem natural and not forced into existence. However, the time frame is dependent on the money site and its age, i.e., a younger site needs fewer links to build on it in a specific time frame.

While specifically referring to the two things, giving you a range of numbers cannot be effective since they vary from site to site, and it where SEO experience helps. However, if you’re natural and don’t fall into patterns while writing, then you should be celebrated. Therefore, as said earlier, a single manager is useful since they know the blogs on the site and how many to link on the money site and at what time to link.


It is simple: just follow four easy steps. I am sure you can follow it what to do is to create a real website. Treat each PBN site the same as a money site. If done correctly, the PBN site can make you money, either via affiliate programs or ads directly selling links on the site itself.

So do away with words such as fast and smooth while dealing with PBN. Avoid low-quality vocabulary and invest resources on the privately owned blog network. Eventually, it is worth it as a high-quality PBN has no limit concerning monetization and ranking power.