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Web Directories That Still Have Value

By December 30, 2020No Comments

Whether you blog solely for fun or have an e-commerce site, you may be interested in web directories that still have value in 2021 and beyond. Google’s algorithm has changed significantly over the years and bloggers who offer quality content are finding it difficult to rank among the paid ads that occupy the first few positions in Google’s search results.

Some of the methods that helped new bloggers to rank and gain an audience don’t work as well any more. Despite that, you will find that several web directories can still be used to make interested people aware that your blog has a lot of valuable content to offer. You can build your audience with the help of the web directories listed in this article.

All of the web directories listed here can help you to build traffic. They allow you to keep your local citations, such as your name, address and phone number (NAP) consistent. This is crucial to local SEO. All of these sites are reputable and people in your target audience are likely to visit them and discover your site.

Google My Business

Google My Business is regarded as the Granddaddy of directories for local business. if you want to rank well in terms of local search terms, you should consider getting listed in this directory. It will help you more than listing in most other directories. Whether you handle SEO on your own or get assistance from a team, you’ll find that this directory is fairly straightforward.

Many SEOs have found that getting listed in this directory is a significant local SEO ranking factor. It is associated with the largest search engine in the world and you’re likely to experience the same effect as found by connecting with other web properties that are owned by Google. You can choose to optimize your listing in this directory to benefit more with your local SEO strategy.

Bing Places

Bing Places is the next place to stop at online after listing your site with Google My Business. Bing Places gives you the same advantage as Google My Business but with the second most utilized search engine in the world. About 6% of the world use Bing and that’s a significant number of people. Bong Places helps your business to reach that market.

If you don’t currently have a website, this is a great way to have an online presence. The content that is displayed is useful to people who need information in real time and it ensures that your store is visible at all times. Since this platform is dynamic, it allows you to quickly reach potential customers who are using Bing to search while they shop for a particular item.

Your placements are done on Bing Maps, while your contact information s added to Bing Places. When your business is added to Bing Maps, it triggers Bing Search. if an active user is within a 50 mile radius of your business, your store will show up when they use Bing Maps.


Blogarama gets millions of visitors every month. You can submit your URL to this directory for free, so it’s a real asset to bloggers who blog for fun and may not have a large budget for promotions. Each post submitted to Blogarama is promoted for free. The platform has hundreds of thousands of subscribers, so you have a consistent audience that can benefit from the content that you publish.

Blogarama makes it easy for you to connect your RSS feed. Whenever you publish a new blog post, it is updated automatically on the site. This is the oldest directory that’s designed with bloggers in mind and it has consistently sent traffic to many bloggers over the years. The site receives up to 230,000 visitors monthly.

Jasmine Directory

Jasmine Directory offers great customer support. This paid directory is a good option for teams that have to manage hundreds of sites. If you list with them, you will usually see link backs appear in your reports within a few weeks. Jasmine Directory is easy to communicate with and the team even lowered the review fees by between 40% and 50% during the coronavirus pandemic in order to support business owners.

Best of The Web (BOTW)

Best of The Web has been around for decades and is a trusted online source. Since 1994, they have been a valuable resource for shoppers who need information and businesses that want to reach new clients. This directory receives up to 60,000 global visitors each month and at least 20,000 visitors from the United States in that time. A lifetime listing on this site costs $299.


AboutUs has a lot of business listings, because it was originally established as a business directory. Despite that, it now allows listings for websites in a broad range of categories. new entries are added every day and your website may already be there. Whether your site is based on cooking or offers free English tutorials to serve your middle school class, it can be listed on the platform. It gets 200,000 visitors every month.

AboutUs is essentially a wiki directory and is considered a collaboratively-created website. Based in Oregon, it is mostly automatically populated. it does not have as intense a review process as some other sites, so it will not always give as much information about your business as others. It gets a lot of traffic and many users like the fact that the listings get quickly to the basics of what each business is about.


There are still web directories that have value for webmasters in 2021 and beyond. Some make it easy for your site to be found by people who are looking for the products or services that your website has to offer while others will still pass a little link juice to your site. Many have moved beyond brief listings and also offer additional reviews of each site You can rest assured that these directories are a good option for getting real traffic to your website.