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How To Generate Traffic To Your PBN

By October 11, 2019June 10th, 2021No Comments

Getting more traffic depends on different factors that are indirectly related. For example, you need SEO to give your site higher ranking and you also need to promote your products or services to get people to visit your site. You also need to use attractive content to keep them on the site for longer instead of just opening the link to the website and leaving immediately. If you’re successful in combining these methods then you’ll have more traffic to both your money website and the PBN network.

Long-tail keywords

One of the best ways to get more organic traffic is to use long tail keywords instead of short ones. This is because such keywords can bring in results even without links. Look for PBN sites that are ranking well with long tail keywords. For instance, if your website is about weight loss, use a PBN site that is within that niche but is using a long keyword. Something like “weight loss after having a baby” will be more ideal. You should also take some time to analyze the keywords so that you can group them properly. Use statistics on organic search findings, top keywords, and volume to help you identify long keywords that have less competition. Using those will help give you an added advantage over other authority websites.


Come up with amazing content and then market your PBN through the content. Link the content to other high ranking sites to give them the attention that will also help you rank higher. Create high-quality articles that will grab the attention of potential customers and make sure that your website is well designed to make it easier for the customers to navigate. If they click the links they should be able to reach a page that will help them find whatever they need. The easier the website is to use, the more people will like it and want to visit. Complex websites that have pages that can’t be reached easily tend to turn off visitors this reducing traffic.Link building services cost is the things you should notice

Use social media

Social media has a lot of traffic that you can get to visit your PBN. Look for other groups and pages within your niche then become active on them. Your goal is to use those groups to research how to tailor your social media content to get more attention and traffic. Create posts that will attract attention visually and make them easy to share. You should also add the URLs to the posts to make it easier for people to reach the PBN sites. Avoid posting the links without any content attached to them even if it is just a description. Create high-quality content and remember to design your content effectively. For instance, when using a social media platform like Twitter you should use hashtags. Remain consistent even after getting more traffic. Keep engaging your audience and don’t stop contributing to other platforms especially if you have a solution to some problems users are facing.A lot of backlinks company out there,please ask them to show you sample to make sure you got what you want.

Participate in other sites

Q&A sites have been known to be reliable sources of traffic. Most people visit these sites to look for answers and if you provide useful ones you’ll most likely have them visiting your website. Start by updating your bio on websites that need you to do so like Quora. Make sure you out in information relevant to your niche. It will show that you’re a professional and therefore increase your chances of having other users trust in your answers. It’s also important to provide accurate answers if you want others to follow you. While these sites are effective in bringing you more traffic, you have to be patient to build the trust of the users progressively. They will not trust you immediately you join but the more you continue to use the sites, the more trust you’ll build and the more traffic you’ll get. Be active and build a good rapport before you start linking your websites.


Most niches are very competitive which means you have to try every means to rise above the competition. One of the ways to do that is to increase topical relevancy. This means you not only have to create amazing content but you also have to use internal linking to the main page. Topical relevancy isn’t difficult to create and will provide you with long term traffic. However, you should be ready for some difficulty of your niche is very competitive and you may not get immediate results.