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SEO Tips for E-Commerce Website

By July 16, 2020February 13th, 2023No Comments

If you decide to sell a product or a service online, the first thing to ensure is that your website is easily found by customers or prospective ones. It means that you have to make sure that your website is found among the first positions on Google’ SERPs. Unfortunately, having the best products is not enough to make a sale. Getting them known by your customers is the most important thing.

Search Engine Optimization can help you get noticed faster by your customers. It will help by getting your website coming in the top positions for searches that are linked to your product. You should know that the more visits on your website the more likely for sales to come your way. The main objective of being in the business is profit which is achieved by making sales. A sale is only made from a view and while not all views are converted into sales, the more the views the higher the likelihood of making a sale.

This article shows 10 ideas that you can adopt to optimize your e-commerce website and increase your sales.

1.Use strategic Keywords

Use strategic Keywords

The key to achieving good ranking and appearing in searches finds strategic keywords that will direct traffic to your website. You should take time to research with your team and come up with several keywords that suit your products or services. To get the best keyword, you have to think from a customer search perspective. It is best to use long-tail keywords as they will help rank you highly on specific niches way above your competitors. The appropriate keywords will increase your conversion rate where you will find that you have more purchases for every visit.

2.Your anchor text to have strategic keywords

strategic keywordsIt is a good idea to use anchor text to boost your search optimization. Since your e-commerce website has links that point to the sale and item pages, you will need to have your keywords on the anchor text. You need to have natural anchor texts to be matched with the anchor text that you need to be ranked. You should be careful not to use the same keywords for all the anchor texts as Google can penalize you for this. You should remember that important keywords on your item descriptions will also lead visitors who are looking for similar products which will lead to more sales for you.

3.Avoid Duplicate Content

Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicating content for an e-commerce website can be a setback and can hold you back from your dreams of making sales. You may duplicate content unknowingly because in most instances, product descriptions are given by the seller and the same seller will distribute the same items to other websites. The result is that the same product descriptions will appear in several other e-commerce websites. To avoid this, use filters that will show any other content that is available under the description and you can change it at that point. You can refer to our article on the subject for further details

4.Come up with compelling product descriptions

compelling product descriptionsDescriptions of products are like headlines. The catchier they are the more interest they will raise and the higher the possibility of conversion into sales. You should keep your product descriptions unique with the relevant keywords to make them appealing to the customer. You should avoid using product descriptions as given by the manufacturer as they may be appearing in other websites which could lead to duplications.

5.Use Optimize Image

Use Optimize Image

Images are the core selling point for e-commerce websites. They trigger sales when viewed by customers because they are visual and they create interest in the instant they are viewed. Therefore, your images must be unique, good quality and compelling. The images ought to be accompanied by good descriptions that provide enough information to the customer. Ensure that you have an ALT tag where you can add keywords.

6.Optimize URL for engine crawls

The importance of URLs is often understated. URLs that are optimized help search bots and crawl the website to understand its products and services. The right URLs structures will ease the indexation of your website.

Of importance too, is that URLs that are efficient inform visitors on what information they will find on your page which improves their experience since they already know what it is about. The better the user experience the more customers stay on your website which increases the chances of customers viewing more products. And if you don’t know how to do it , take a look at On-page SEO Services

7.Converting traffic into sales

Converting visits into sales is the most important thing in this business. While views are great, conversions are what you are interested in. You need to check the rate at which your visits are converting into sales and google analytics has a tool that can help you achieve this. This information will help you improve on aspects on your e-commerce website that may have resulted in non-conversions from views to sales. The tool shows devices used to search for an item, the person’s details (age, location, etc.) and you can use this information to make decisions about future improvements.

8.Improve Site Navigation

Your site navigation should be as simple as possible. Customers do not like sites that tire them by struggling to navigate through. The speed up site should offer clear navigations paths and relevant links. The home page should be linked to the landing pages to make browsing through the site seamless for customers. Good site navigations and experiences will lead viewers to refer friends and family to your site thus increasing sales.

9.Strong Links

You may have clicked on a link and received a message Page 404 Not Found’’. It must have been a bad experience as you may have been looking forward to viewing the site.

For your site, you should have strong links that do not break unnecessarily and frustrate the visitors on your site. To avoid such weak links, you can run through your links on crawl to detect possible weaknesses and correct them beforehand.
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