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Easy Building Strategies Everybody Can Use

By June 25, 2020August 8th, 2023No Comments

The one thing that has not changed over the years of continual modifying and overhauling of search engine algorithms is the significance of backlinks. It’s no secret that building more links to your site will boost your site’s SEO. And, to be honest, building links is also not that complex. The goal should be to create links that originate from websites that are related to your business or blog, have good search engine ranking, have the right mixture of diverse anchor texts, and lots more. Also, the links pointing to your site should represent a healthy mix, which includes links from established websites, budding blogs, and everything else in between. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different ways you could build links to your site.

Strategic Guest Blogging

Strategic Guest Blogging
If you want to build quality links to your site, you must first acknowledge the fact that link building takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight, or you don’t get a game-changing number of links in a week or two. In fact, if you end up getting a bunch of links over a period of few days, Google will grow suspicious and penalize your site, pushing it into oblivion. Therefore, you should ideally want your backlinks to accumulate slowly. And perhaps the best way to do that is blogging.

A growing number of marketers and companies have started to embrace blogging. As per HubSpot, businesses that have resorted to blogging are seeing a significant spike in the number of visitors and inbound links to their site. If you want guest blogging to work as you intend it to, make sure you spend time and effort only to write for blogs or sites that are in your niche. This not just helps with link relevancy, but the visitors of the guest blog would be more likely to click on your link and give your site a visit. Look for blogs that rank high for your target keyword so that the chances of your site showing up on the frontpage increase too.

Do Social Media

Do Social Media
Social media has revolutionized the marketing realm and can help with your guest-posting efforts and link-building plans too. If your brand is not on social media, your company is pretty much at a great disadvantage already. Get active on social media by sharing fresh posts, pictures, and updates. Also, use the platform to interact with your buyers and learn more about them. Social media company profile pages can also be your backup customer support page.

Being social media-active helps boost engagement, even for new businesses. Over a period, you will make your brand more visible and expose your company website’s URL to a lot more people who may end up sharing some of your best blog posts with people they know. It goes without mentioning that this will help improve your site’s link profile and bolster its overall visibility.

Focus on Growing Your Own Brand

Focus on Growing Your Own Brand
Growing your brand is a solid link building strategy. And your brand is not just your company, but also you – the owner of the business. The branding process should start with you and later you may move to focus more on your company. When you’ve created a foothold for yourself in the market, people are more likely to sit up and take notice every time you interact with them or come up with something new.

Jeff Bezos is not just the richest man in the world, but he is also a brand by himself – perhaps as huge as his company, If he were to launch a new product or service tomorrow, the world would certainly grow keen to know more. However, if some random guy were to launch a new product, the reach wouldn’t be even 0.0001% of the kind of press coverage Mr. Bezos would get. That’s the power of personal branding!

Your personal brand originates from your thoughts. Those thoughts then start to express themselves externally. In the link building context, people would naturally link to your blog or website as you grow as a personal brand. And one way to build a personal brand is blogging consistently.

Public speaking is powerful too since the potential for direct personal connection attached to seeing people in the flesh is great. However, not everyone can connect to their audience at such a personal level – at least, not on the regular. Therefore, blogging should be the number one strategy to position your brand. If link building is what you’re looking to do, take up blogging seriously.

Learn More About Competitor Backlinks

Learn More About Competitor Backlinks
Checking your competitor’s backlinks will help you stay atop what’s working currently. Invariably, your competitors or websites you view as your “competition” get links from high authority sites such as major news platforms. Basically, your competition has done all the hard work. You just need to replicate what they did. If your competition is ranking above you, it’s likely they are doing things right.

One cannot possibly imagine how valuable spying on the competition to learn more about their backlinks can be. The spying process – to ascertain what keywords they are ranking for, things they are currently doing to fuel their success, and learning where some of their best links originate from – is referred to as “competitive analysis”.

There are different tools to find out your competition’s backlinks. All you need is the keyword that you would like your site to rank for. Remember, the number of backlinks alone do not determine who sits on the top of the chain. At times, the site that’s listed at the very top could have fewer links than the sites sitting under it or even those that are on the second page of the search results. However, the site in question has managed to grab the top spot because its domain authority is high.

This again goes back to how powerful and influential branding can be. It does not just influence people – it could sway search engines too. For example, if a site like Wikipedia posts an article on a particular topic, the page is likely to rank at the top for the article’s target keywords almost instantly since Wikipedia is a site with strong domain authority. The number of links may not matter to a site like Wikipedia, Forbes, Huffington Post, etc.


Link building is a double-edged sword. You never know when Google would find your link building activities spammy and penalize you for that. Therefore, focus equally – if not more – on creating great content too. The link that’s created organically or without you asking for it is the one that holds maximum SEO juice compared to a bunch of self-created links. Building links is not rocket science, but it’s not something you can get done with within a matter of days or weeks either. It would take months and you need to be persistent with it. Also, you just cannot have enough backlinks. Therefore, the process needs to be ongoing.

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