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What Is A PBN Backlink? And How to Build It

By November 11, 2020May 3rd, 2022One Comment

Whether you are starting your career in the field of SEO or an intermediate or advanced level SEO professional, you must know what are private blog network backlinks or PBN backlinks and how to build them. You should READ AT INSTRUCTIONs provided in this write-up to know more about this concept and the step-by-step method to help you to build PBN backlinks effectively.


PBN is a network of a trusted and reliable website that is linked to a money-making website to gain a higher rank on the result pages of search engines. In this way, a private money-making website makes a network of certain reliable websites that are not linked with each other.

Though search engines like Google etc. do not approve the use of PBNs to improve the ranking of a website on result pages ,still many people are building PBNs and higher ranking on SERPs.


The links developed by a network of blogs or websites with a money site are known as PBN backlinks. Normally the websites in a network are owned by the owner of the money website to gain a higher ranking on SERPs and make profits by building backlinks from other websites or blogs in the network.

Thus the main purpose of the websites in a network is to build backlinks for a money website instead of providing content valuable for the audience they focus on. For this reason, many search engines consider such links as unnatural and manipulated links and hence do not approve them while ranking a website.


Build PBN backlink

PBN backlinks are the most important factor for improving ranking on search result pages.

According to experts, even if PBN backlinks are considered spam still they can help in improving the ranking of search result pages but it still works effectively because the websites in the network are considered reliable and trusted by search engines like Google. These links are accepted by Google as they are not provided by an untrustworthy, spammy, or new website.


To understand the working of PBN backlinks let us understand this example:

Suppose a website was launched by a company established in 2009 to clean the streets and houses of Liverpool. Soon this website was featured by the websites of local news and government websites due to its increasing popularity.

It allowed them to earn a lot of money and publicity within one year and now they need not use their website. So instead of investing in their website, they may allow it to expire.

In this situation, the domain of this expired website has links with local news and government websites. This website will be considered by Google as a trustworthy website due to its previous reliable activities.

So, if an SEO professional purchases this domain from the registrar of the domain to include in his PBN to build links with a money-making website. In fact, every day nearly 30-40 thousand domains expire and most of them can be used in making PBN due to their good metrics.


An SEO can build PBN backlinks by following the steps discusses here under.


You should write content for your PBN either yourself or hire a writer for this purpose. Though the writer of the content should not insert any link to the content still he must keep in mind that it has to be linked to a money website, to posts or internal pages, or trusted websites.

So, you should keep the position of these three types of links in your mind while writing the content for a PBN blog.
Example :


When you have simply written content then you should read it again to correct its mistakes and edit it wherever required, to fix logical, and grammatical mistakes, etc. While checking mistakes in your content you will have to find spots you have left to place backlink while writing it so that you can insert it later on.

Now while choosing the backlinks for your PBN blog you will have to follow a few guidelines so that you can choose proper backlink at proper sight instead of following a fixed pattern.

There are three types of backlinks including:

LINKS FOR MONEY SITE: Very few links for the money site should be inserted in the blog. You should not insert more than one link for a money site that includes its domain. It will increase the effectiveness of the backlink as you have inserted more than 3-4 backlinks with the same URL.

INTERNAL BACKLINKS: These links will allow you to link your latest blog with the blogs you have earlier posted on that site. You should insert 7-8 internal backlinks in your new blog to make it more effective for your PBN.


internal backlink


AUTHORITY BACKLINKS: There must be 1-3 authority backlinks in your new PBN blog.

Though you should follow these guidelines while inserting backlinks to your new PBN blog still, you can change the number of backlinks according to your needs and the length of the blog. You can insert a backlink if it is relevant to the content of your blog.

You should focus mainly on creating a high-quality blog to boost the ranking of your money website to the highest level instead of inserting the number of backlinks of all types as directed in the guidelines.

Example :

backlink niche


Earlier you used to use your target keyword to create thousands of backlinks to improve the rank of your website on SERPs but now search engines like Google etc. do not accept such backlinks while ranking a website. Today SEO has to focus on the anchor text like:

* A backlink should exactly match the anchor text by nearly 1-3%
* It should match LSI anchors and synonyms by 3-5%
* It should brand anchor by nearly 50%+
* It should match generic anchor by nearly 20%
* Naked URLs should be nearly 20%

Today, while ranking certain pages with certain keywords Google does not consider the keywords pointing anchors on that page but the keywords used in the content on that page. So, you must know the current methods of searching keywords and the working of the hummingbird algorithm while writing the new PBN blog. Instead of using the same keywords repeatedly, you should use their synonyms.

So while building PBN backlinks you should consider the ratio of anchors and current backlinks to make them more effective.
Example :


Though by now you have created PBN backlinks successfully by following the steps stated above but there are certain other things to focus upon to complete this process. The primary thing to focus upon is the number of backlinks you should build from a PBN site as well as the timeframe between the links to a money site.

There cannot be a universal answer to this requirement as you will have to link a website to another website several times by using different blogs in a natural manner. According to experts, it is known as building good relationships instead of just building backlinks.

Now the question arises, whether from the same PBN site with different articles you can build more than one link to the same money site. The answer to this question is es’ as you can link it through two or more different articles, but it should look natural. If you build a large number of links from the same PBN site then it will not look natural even if some of them have helped in boosting the ranking of your money site.

So, while building backlinks to a money site from a PBN site you should randomize them to ensure that they do not look forced. Moreover, the timeframe of inserting backlinks can depend upon the age and type of the money site. In a given timeframe lesser number of backlinks should be built for a relatively new money site.

So, you should consult an experienced SEO to determine the number of backlinks to be built for these two factors, natural looks and time frame, so that your PBN backlinks do not look spam. Therefore, it is advisable to appoint a single person to manage the blog and backlinks for a PBN site as he knows everything about the blog posted on the site and where to insert the links naturally.


After you have READ THE INSTRUCTIONs provided in this write-up it can be concluded that it is very easy to build PBN backlinks just by following the four simple steps. But before building backlinks you must have real PBN websites as well as a money website so that you can make money through various sources including affiliate marketing and ads as well as by selling links to other sites.

Thus, by following the process of building PBN backlinks discussed in this write-up you can improve the ranking of your money site on search result pages without any problem.